We help doctors make
better decisions with data

Our solution provides an easy way for patients to gather data that supports doctors in important treatment decisions.


Focusing on cancer care

In cancer care, every patient is given a grade called ECOG-grade which practically measures the performance status of the patient. This is used to understand how strong treatment the patient can withstand. However, studies show that there are three main problems with it:


Currently, the grade is often decided by only one doctor. Research shows that doctors often don't agree on the score.

Recall bias

Patients are prone to human error when trying to remember their past symptoms and activity, which makes the doctor's job harder.

Grading is too static

Performance status assessment is static as the score is captured only during clinical visits, when in fact a patient's PS is dynamic throughout treatment and can change daily.


Smart and patient-oriented software

Mobile application

Patients use our mobile application to gather relevant data for the doctor.

Doctor dashboard

Our algorithms process the data to form an ECOG-grade recommendation for the doctor.

Context removes bias

The analysed data allows the doctors to also asses their own judgement, which reduces bias in the ECOG-grading process.


People behind the solution

Evexia was founded in January 2020 after an idea formed in a hackathon grew too large to be only a concept. We are a group of students from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki passionate about making the world better place with the help of technology. Together, we make up a multidisciplinary team that is eager to learn and grow together.

Aleksi Pauna
Business | Co-founder
Otto Laitinen
Product design | Co-founder
Olli Warro
Technology | Co-founder
Juuso Kylmäoja
Data science | Co-founder

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